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Regency Seafood Bar opposite the West Pier, Brighton on Flickr.

The Regency Seafood Bar (opposite the West Pier, Brighton) has seen better days. The whole area that was originally part of the entrance to the West Pier is being demolished

This is all part of plans to build the i360.

This news item was published on 17th April 2012 on the West Pier website:

The West Pier Trust wishes to announce that an important original part of the pier, the Rock Shop, will be dismantled over the next few weeks. Situated on the root end of the pier, the Rock Shop was closed three years ago when it became structurally unstable. Its condition has continued to deteriorate and so the Trust and its partners, Marks Barfield Architects, designers of the i360, have decided it is time carefully to dismantle it and put it into safe storage.

Since the restoration of this building is part of the i360 scheme, Marks Barfield are bearing the cost of the work. In due course it will be restored and reinstated, along with a replica of its sister kiosk on the west side of the pier’s root end, as one of the heritage elements of the i360. In fact it will be reopened as a toll booth which was its purpose when the pier opened originally in 1866.
The dismantling work will be carried out by Dorton Group and overseen by the Trust’s consultant engineers, Hemsley Orrell Partnership.

As part of the work, the pier’s root end will also be improved. The two 1990s kiosks which are no longer used will be removed, the hoarding realigned and the Heras fencing replaced. Popular views of the pier will not be obstructed but, we hope, improved.

No firm timetable has been announced for the i360 development but architects and designers of the scheme, Marks Barfield are continuing to seek the final balance of funding. Once all the financial backing is in place work will start within weeks.


Seafront silhouette #4 on Flickr.

Late afternoon winter’s sky whilst playing the wave game - 16 Feb 2012. More here:


Southwold Postcard on Flickr.

My first visit to Southwold in Suffolk.

I was there, with my family, from Saturday 16th April 2011 until Saturday 23rd April 2011.

The weather was generally very warm and sunny, so we spent many happy hours on the beach, cycling, and visiting some of the wonderful pubs in Southwold. We also visited Sutton Hoo, Framlingham Castle, Walberswick, Dunwich, and Woodbridge.

Southwold is a wonderful little seaside town and one we will most definitely return to soon.

Here’s my set of photos from the trip: